The Scholar Admissions Program

Educating companions how to be successful.

Our Goals

Our goal at CCU is to provide companions with a safe place to flourish and build their brand and reputation.  We simply offer all of the implements to make this transpire.  All the while providing Suitors with a safe and confidential location to meet these sublime ladies.


We're Going To Blow Your Mind!

Hello my dear Suitor.  You have not been forgotten.  You can visit our current scholar's, but please don't forget to check out your little neck of the woods here as well.  This will ascertain that your engagement is simply breath taking and impeccable.


We are in need of Professor's and Secretarial Staff.

If you are interested in being a Courtesan Professor or part of our secretarial staff, we would love to hear from you.

Courtesan Services

Do you have Courtesan Service?

If you can offer a service to be added to CCU to benefit our Scholar's, please contact us for consideration.

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